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Heroic Dog Runs Four Miles to Save Owner After Car Crash in Oregon Ravine

When he missed a turn while traveling alone with his four dogs close to where his family was camped, Brandon Garrett

Authorities in Oregon said that a dog went four miles to seek assistance for its owner after the latter drove his car into a ravine. The dog’s actions ultimately resulted in the owner’s rescue.

The case started when Brandon Garrett was traveling north on US Forest Service Road 39 in Baker County, close to his family’s campground, with his four dogs.

A statement from the Baker County Sheriff’s Office stated that Garrett crashed over an embankment during the drive after misjudging a curve in the road.

Garrett was left stranded after the collision and had to wait for assistance, which he did with some hope.

Fortunately for him, one of his dogs returned to the campsite, and the family realized something was wrong when they saw the animal. Ultimately, on June 3 at 9.30am, the dog ran approximately four kilometers across the forest before finding the other campers.

The family started looking for Garrett right away, and they ultimately found his car. However, the challenging terrain prevented them from reaching him, so they had to summon emergency responders for assistance.

“The reporting party clarified that yesterday afternoon, his brother Brandon Garrett had not arrived at his camp. According to a sheriff’s office statement, family members found his car this morning but were unable to get to it because of the terrain.

First responders cleared a route with chainsaws so they could get to Garrett. Garrett was subsequently retrieved from the gorge using a rope and rescue blanket.

About a hundred yards from the scene of the collision, Garrett and his three other dogs—all of them alive—were discovered.

Garrett received first aid from the authorities there. After that, he was taken in an ambulance to a nearby hospital by helicopter.

It was not immediately known how serious Garrett’s injuries were or how he was feeling.

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